TyTran is on the move

TyTran works to ease traffic congestion in Tysons. Our goal is to reduce the number of single occupant vehicles on the road. TyTran helps commuters craft transportation strategies that utilize rail, bus, bikes, pedestrian paths, carpools and vanpools, plus other tactics that can help keep traffic on our streets running smoothly.

TyTran is a division of the Tysons Partnership - a dynamic association of engaged citizens and business organizations working with local government to transform Tysons into America's next great city.


TyTran is a Transportation Management Association. We are a One-Stop Shop for transportation information and assistance.

We are working to achieve a coordinated transportation system that enhances traffic flow, economic prosperity and the quality of life.

TyTran recommends collaborative strategies to reduce traffic congestion through the use of public transportation systems, transportation demand management, parking, paths for walking and cycling, and the buildout of the Tysons grid of streets - new roads that will add capacity and connectivity.

TyTran Leadership

Committee Chair: Aaron Georgelas
Strategic Advisor: Keith Turner
Fairfax County Representative: Daniel Rathbone
Fairfax County Representative: Tom Biesiadny

For More Information:
Moira Bindner, Tysons Partnership TDM Administrator
703-676-3640 | mbindner@tysonspartnership.org


TyTran provides employers with a range of TDM services designed to change travel behavior for communters.

Creating Commuter Solutions in Tysons

Tysons Partnership is helping to create a community that is accessible by foot, bicycle, bus, and rail. We would like to work with you to create a customized Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program that utilizes multimodal transportation options and modifies travel behaviors to help all types of traffic flow smoothly throughout Tysons.

Transportation Services Packages

    Silver Level Package includes:

  1. Seat on TyTran Council - an advisory group on policy and priorities
  2. Advocacy for your transportation issues
  3. Commuting solutions materials (electronic)
  4. On-site transportation information event (one per year)
  5. Monthly e-Newsletter

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Price upon request

    Gold Level Package includes Silver Level Package services plus:

  1. Commuter survey, analysis report, and recommendations
  2. Branded Commuting solutions materials (branded with employer/property logo)
  3. Customized transportation event (one additional event per building)
  4. Tailored commute assistance:
    1. Personalized transit route assistance
    2. Personalized carpool formation assistance
  5. Discounts:
    1. Real-time transportation lobby displays
    2. Car share membership fees

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Price based on size of property or number of employees
Price upon request

    Platinum Enhancements includes Silver and Gold Level Package services plus:

  1. Proffer compliance:
    1. Reports: TDM Marketing and Annual Report
    2. Traffic count (as needed)
  2. Customized survey, analysis report and recommendations
  3. Strategy development and promotions:
    1. Tailored commute program marketing and communications services
    2. Telework and/or Flexible Work Program
    3. Carpool/vanpool/bicycle parking program development
    4. Corporate relocation
    5. LEED certification
    6. Parking technology enhancements
    7. Shuttle planning and marketing

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Price determined by level of customization
Price upon request

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